These earbuds use AI to optimize your music while keeping you safe for under $40

The ostrich analogy is real. Nobody should be sticking their head in the sand to escape unpleasant truths. And one such unpleasant reality is that for all their functionality, headphones can be incredibly dangerous.

An overwhelming 96 percent of Americans say it's dangerous to wear headphones or earbuds when driving. That number remains high for other everyday activities like cycling (91 percent), running (86 percent) or while commuting on public transportation (72 percent). Meanwhile, 37 million Americans think they've put themselves in danger within the past year engaging in one of the activities while wearing headphones or earbuds.

The xFyro ANC Pro AI-Powered Wireless Earbuds think they've helped crack that code, engineering a system of noise cancellation technology driven by artificial intelligence that strikes a shrewd balance between the artistry of your music and the sanctity of your well-being. It's all thanks to XFyro's own AI algorithms, which have been taught to pick up and assess more than 6,000 environmental noises that can happen when you're plugged into these earbuds. 

Funneled through the microphones in each earbud, the Pros hear what's going on around you, blocking out non-essential sounds like room noise, indirect chatter, and other environmental sounds from your audio mix. But when it recognizes a critical sound, like an alarm, a siren, or even someone speaking right to you, the Pros allow that sound to pass through. That way, you can still sink into the music, while never sinking so far that you'll miss important sounds that could put you in danger.

That sound is directed through the Pro's 7mm graphene drivers, made from one of the strongest, thinnest materials available to deliver powerful, clean, and crisp audio without degrading over time through continued vibration as lesser drivers would.

On top of their superior sound, the ANC Pros are also built to survive, both with the IPX5 water resistance rating as well as extended battery life. Capable of powering through 8 hours on a single charge, the accompanying charging case maxes out your listening sessions up to 100 hours before you have to plug in.

The xFyro ANC Pro AI-Powered Wireless Earbuds are regularly priced at $250, but they're currently on sale for $39.99, almost 85 percent off.

Prices are subject to change.