Watch how Sen. John Kennedy tries to trip up Stacey Abrams and fails miserably

As if hoping for a gotcha moment to prove that Georgia's voter suppression bill isn't racist, Senator John Kennedy (R–LA) challenges Stacey Abrams by asking her to "just give me a list of the provisions you object to." But when she easily rattles off her many points, Kennedy becomes agitated and interrupts her every step of the way.

First he interrupts her mid-sentence and asks her to repeat her first three points, blaming it on the clear-as-a-bell audio. He then interrupts her again, asking her to clarify her very succinct third point, but when she starts to clarify, he interrupts her yet again, rushing her with an impatient "What else?" And then a few moments later, after she lists more points, he interrupts her with, "Is that all?" When Abrams says, "No, it is not," and lists two more points, Kennedy gives up the whole charade and tells her to stop. "Ok, I get the idea. I get the idea." Abrams was prepared and in top form, as she always is. Meanwhile, the befuddled senator and his test backfired spectacularly.