30 eco-friendly deals

It's a big and beautiful world. And sometimes, it's easy to feel afraid that all the ill effects we've heaped on our resilient planet have practically consigned us to our doom.

But hey…that's quitter's talk. Progress only happens when everybody does their part. And in celebration of Earth Day, this is a great time to look across all aspects of your life and think about positive changes you can make to benefit Mother Earth. And at savings of up to 67 percent off on each of these items, we recommend you pick up a few. Our Earth needs all the help she can get right now.

Do your part

Terra Ties: 100% Organic and Biodegradable Hair Ties – $10.95; originally $14

Made from 100 percent biodegradable natural rubber and organic cotton using organic dyes, these hair ties not only won't sit in landfills for decades like regular plastic hair ties. They're also thicker, more durable, and softer too.

Ecoegg Value Bundle: Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Alternative – $42.99; originally $64

Ditch the laundry detergent and fabric conditioner when cleaning your clothes. This unique laundry washing system uses natural mineral pellets in this recyclable egg to wash up to 120 loads of laundry, all without flushing harmful chemicals into your wastewater.

VentiFresh Eco Next Generation Odor Eliminator – $44.99; originally $72

Using the same photocatalyst technology NASA uses on the International Space Station, the Eco breaks down odor through natural photosynthesis using UV light. If you want to knock out foul smells like cat litter, foul shoes, stinky food, and all the microbes that come with it, here's your answer.

Cielo Breez Eco Smart AC Controller – $67.99; originally $99

Here's the controller that makes that dumb old air conditioning unit smarter so you can save power and money. This unit gives your IR-controlled AC or heat pump smart air conditioning powers like scheduling, location-based control, filter status updates, and full remote access at home or from anywhere via Wi-Fi.

Slim Zero Bidet Seat – $99.99; originally $129

This bidet seat eliminates toilet paper once and for all. With simple DIY installation, you get a dual nozzle cleaning system with adjustable, room-temperature water pressure for a thorough and ultra-hygienic clean after you handle your business.

For the office

RockBook Erasable Notebook Bundle and 6 RockBoards – $65.99; originally $92

It's paper — made from stone. Amazingly smooth, tear-resistant, and waterproof, just fill up these pages with notes using the erasable pen, wipe it all clean with water or a hairdryer, then start again with this eco-friendly and totally unique notebook and six reusable writing RockBoards.

E.P. Eco-Friendly LED Light Bulb – $21.99; originally $29

These creations by E.P. Lights prove that light can most definitely be art. Whether you go with the drop-resistant light bulb or the larger desk lamp (on sale for $59.99), you get a handcrafted work that radiates light while showcasing its vivid color and abstract designs. And it requires less than half the energy of regular light bulbs.

The Original Earth Lamp – $44; originally $50

If you've ever felt like you owned the world, this is the lamp that can prove you right. Crafted using the latest high-quality NASA satellite images, this lamp reproduces the Earth's actual surface, while emitting a warm yellow or natural white glow.

For the kitchen

Compostable Espresso Pods: 60-Capsule Mix – $29.95; originally $40

Instead of filling your garbage with all those little plastic coffee pods, these Terrablend biocapsules are 100 percent compostable and designed to work with the environment as smoothly as your home espresso machine. Plus, you get a mix of wonderful Lungo, Arabica, and Deciso coffee blends varying in intensity to kickstart your day.

UniLid Set: One Lid Fits All (3 Sets) – $39.99; originally $50

No more need for plastic wrap or aluminum foil. These lids stretch to fit any bowl, jar, or other containers to keep food fresh without all the unfriendly wraps and foils. Each set comes with five different sized lids made of environmentally-minded silicone — and this bundle comes with three complete sets for 15 total lids overall.

For the backyard

Costway 10Ft Solar Powered LED Patio Umbrella – $149.99; originally $239

With a 10-foot diameter, this patio umbrella throws a lot of shade… but only in the best way possible. Made from weather-resistant polyester fabric and sporting a simple tilt system and full 360-degree rotation, the top-mounted solar panels also bring 24 LED lights to life once the sun goes down for a truly romantic evening glow.

Eat and drink on the go

Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set – $12.95

Why use plastic utensils when you're traveling? Just unfurl this fork, spoon, knife, straw, and chopstick set made of antibacterial and antifungal bamboo, complete with its own cleaning brush and carrying pouch. Cut down on germs, minimize your intake of harmful chemicals, and quit throwing away plastic utensils for this reusable set.

Stainless Steel Straw 4-Pc Set with Carrying Case and Cleaning Brush – $12.99; originally $19

This set of four reusable, silicone tipped, food-grade stainless steel straws mean you'll never have to use a plastic straw again. They work with cold and hot drinks as well as cups of all sizes, and they fit into their easy zip pouches so they're always ready for your next beverage.

nOcean Wearable Reusable Silicone Straw – $15.99; originally $20

If you'd rather not carry steel straws around, how about a medical-grade silicone straw that doubles as a stylish bracelet that stays wrapped around your wrist all day? And 50 percent of the proceeds from the nOcean go to ocean cleanup efforts for the ultimate win-win.

O-Yaki Ecoware Take-Anywhere Lunch Box – $9.99; originally $12

This O-Yaki set cuts out the need for wraps, baggies, plastic bottles, and other eco-horrors with a safe and reusable bento-box style lunch box and water bottle tandem. Made with natural wheat or rice husk composite material, the lunch box is reusable, BPA-free, as well as freezer, and microwave safe. 

O-Yaki Ecoware Take-Anywhere Water Bottle – $7.99; originally $9

Made from the same material, the double-walled water bottle design keeps up to 15.5 oz. of liquid cool or warm as you move through your day. There's even a removable wrist strap for easy carrying.

Vapur 1L Wide Mouth Anti-Bottle: Bundle of 2 – $14.99; originally $22

The Anti-Bottle is reusable, attachable, freezable, holds up to a liter of your favorite liquid, and is sustainably convenient. And unlike rigid "normie" bottles, the wide-mouthed Anti-Bottle lays flat when empty and can be folded and stored in ways that less imaginative bottles could never dream of.

Hydaway 25oz Collapsible Water Bottle with Spout Lid – $24.99; originally $29

It's annoying carrying around a water bottle once you've finished its contents. While at regular size, the Hydaway holds up to 25 ounces of water or other liquids, it collapses down to a disc just 1.5 inches high when it's empty. Slip it in your pocket — and your hands are once again free.

Get outside

GoSun Go Portable Solar Oven – $116; originally $139

For meal prep while camping or hiking, this portable oven is ruthlessly efficient, converting 80 percent of the sun's rays into glorious heat. It only weighs 2 lbs., yet this ultralight solar cooker can bake, roast, steam, and boil anywhere, firing up to 550 degrees to cook most meals in under 30 minutes. 

GoSun Chill Solar Cooler – $635; originally $749

Nobody wants to be lugging ice around to keep everything cool. This solar cooler keeps snacks and beverages as cold as  -4°F, all with no need for ice. That also means double the storage space for keeping everything chilled for up to 14 hours on an 80-degree day.

Power up

Eco Recharge USB Rechargeable Batteries: 4-Pack – $15.99; originally $49

With just this four-pack of rechargeable batteries, you can save 2,000 disposable batteries from filling the world's landfills. With a built-in recharge control, they'll never overcharge — just plug in their USB cable and let them climb back to full strength for another round in all of your battery-operated devices.

HyperGear Solar 10,000mAh Power Bank – $34.99; originally $39

With the sun on your side, you're never out of power anywhere. This power bank's high-efficiency solar cells rock an industry-leading 21 to 25 percent solar energy conversion rate, offering enough power to quick-charge two devices back to life at once.

Solar Assisted Flashlight – $33.99; originally $39

Powered by the sun, this handheld beacon is more than a flashlight, also serving as a lantern-style work light, an emergency strobe warning light, and even a power battery for other USB-powered devices. It's even got a magnetic back so you can use it hands-free almost anywhere.

Get moving

LOU 1.0 Electric Skateboard – $399.99; originally $449

With a hidden battery in the deck and motorized wheels, the LOU is the lightest, most maneuverable electric skateboard around, hitting speeds up to 17 mph with a range of nearly 8 miles. There are even a remote control and a customizable LOU app for making your riding experience truly your own.

Flowdeck X Electric Longboard – $599; originally $699

This commute-busting board is a big time and money saver. Reaching speeds up to 20 mph and with hill-climbing power to tackle slopes up to 15 degrees, this maple, fiberglass, and carbon fiberboard is ready for both short hops and extended rides.

FÄBOARD Red Breeze Portable Electric Brushless Motor Scooter – $328.99; originally $399

Reliable with an ultra-smooth ride, the Red Breeze is made for both adults and kids to zip along easily. Powered by a 300-watt brushless motor that can fire this scooter up to 15 MPH, the non-detachable pneumatic tires help the vehicle glide over uneven or rough terrains with less bumping and shaking.

Jetson Eris Electric Scooter – $459.99 after code SCOOT40; originally $499

The Eris has reach, carrying passengers up to 12 miles with its robust 250-watt motor, even powering up hills and inclines of up to 20 degrees like a champ.

Use the code SCOOT40 at checkout to save $40 off the price.

L5+ Electric Scooter – $848.99; originally $999

This beefier performance scooter is loaded with features, including an all-terrain 8-inch front wheel, exposed aggressive rear suspensions, adjustable speeds, and a 28-mile range, all driven by a green, energy-efficient, zero-emissions motor system. Weighing in at under 40 lbs., it's also lightweight and compact enough to go or be stored virtually anywhere.

Cycleboard Elite All Terrain Electric Vehicle – $1,349.10 after code CYCLEBOARD10; originally $1,499

With a revved-up 450-watt silent rear hub motor, this 2nd generation Elite board has some real kick to go with the intuitive 3-wheel lean-to-steer design and patented linkage system for clean steering and stability at all times.

Save 10 percent off the price by using the code CYCLEBOARD10 during checkout.

Prices subject to change.