Submarine carrying 53 crew members submerged Wednesday, hasn't been seen since, and is running out of oxygen

During Indonesian Navy training exercises in the Bali Strait on Wednesday, a submarine (seen above) carrying 53 crew members submerged and hasn't resurfaced. Its current location is unknown and authorities say that it's expected to run out of oxygen early Saturday. Multiple ships with advanced sonar capabilities are scanning the region for signs of the 60-meter submarine. From CNN:

The military suspects that an oil spill seen in aerial surveillance near the dive point on Wednesday came from the craft. [Indonesian Navy Admiral Yudo] Margono said the Navy also found one object at the depth of 50-100 meters (approximately 164-328 feet) that was magnetic, meaning it likely came from the submarine.

Margono said there are two possibilities to explain the oil spill spotted on the surface: the submarine tank could be leaking because it dove too deep, or the submarine released fluid on board in an attempt to rise to the surface.

Indonesian Navy spokesman First Adm. Julius Widjojono said that the submarine has the capability to dive up to 500 meters (approximately 1,640 feet) below sea level, but authorities estimate it went 100-200 meters below that depth.

Update: "Hope fades for Indonesia's missing submarine as US assists search" (CNN)

image: Indonesian Navy