This wild VW Beetle knockoff is an EV called the Ora Punk Cat

Great Wall Motors in China unveiled the Ora Punk Cat, an electric vehicle that bears more than a passing resemblance to the VW Beetle. I doubt it will make it to the U.S. but if it does I will buy one without test-driving it or reading the specs. It will go into production later this year.

From Autoevolution:

So, ORA took a '60s-era Volkswagen Beetle, stretched it to accommodate four doors, made it electric, and then glammed it up, renaming it Punk Cat. Inside, there's a red on white interior with contrasting green, and every available surface trimmed in gold or red. The cabin feels like a trippy retro tribute, save for the two digital displays, one above the steering wheel and a larger one sitting in the middle of the dashboard. It even has parquet-like floor mats, and how often do you happen to read this phrase with a new launch nowadays? The exterior is more retro and less trippy, with two-tone green and white paint, retro wheels and mirrors, and that decided Beetle look that no amount of flashiness could hide. Not that ORA seems to have been particularly interested in hiding the inspiration for this EV.