10 wine and wine accessory deals that will make for a happy Mother's Day

By now, we've all seen the SNL skit. So at this stage, it's safe to admit that in many cases, there's often a multi-layered relationship happening between Mom and her vino. We don't feel qualified to delve into the deep psychological ramifications of the dialogue between mothers and their wine explorations. Suffice it to say, it's for every good child to assess their own mother's particular engagement with the grape — and act accordingly this Mother's Day.

If you feel your mom's wine appreciation is still on the positive side of the ledger, then take advantage of these 10 deals on wines and related accessories to honor her this holiday. And when you use the code WELOVEMOM during checkout, you can take an additional 20 percent off on your total for most of these items.

50% Off World Wine Tour Collection: 18 Bottles of Wine and Free Shipping – $129.60 after code WELOVEMOM; originally $324

Since Mom can't hit all the great vintners of the world right now on their home turf, this deal brings them all right to her. This pack includes up to 18 different premium international wines from top vineyards in Spain, Italy, Argentina, France, Australia, and the U.S., among others. Pick the all-white, all-red, or mixed wine packages, and Mom will get up to 12 different grape varietals, from cabs and merlots to pinot noirs, chardonnays, and sauvignon blancs. And with this offer, they all drop right on Mom's doorstep at well under $8 per bottle.

Winc Wine Delivery: $155 of Credit for 12 Bottles – $75.19 after code WELOVEMOM; originally $155

Winc caters a wine experience right to Mom's personal tastes. By simply taking a simple Palate Profile Quiz, your mom will receive personalized bottle recommendations, expertly curated and delivered. But of course, Mom gets the final call, with a credit that ends up being a more than 50 percent savings on 12 bottles of premium, globally-sourced wines from Winc's stockpile of world classics.

Wine Insiders: 15 Bottles of Mixed Wines – $68 after code WELOVEMOM; originally $300

Wine Insiders is all about the quality. Their panel of wine experts only selects about 5 of every 100 bottles they sample for inclusion in the Wine Insiders roster, a collection of vintages that have amassed over 1,400 awards since 2015. With this deal, Mom reaps the benefits of their expertise, with a collection of 15 bottles of mixed wines delivered straight to her for what ends up being less than $6 per bottle.

Eravino Handblown Crystal Wine Carafe and Holder Lid – $26.39 after code WELOVEMOM; originally $89

Mom's no savage — so she's going to need a proper decanter for her libations. This handblown crystal carafe has a wide-base design to hold a full 750ml bottle of wine, and it lets the wine separate and breathe between bottle and glass. You can choose the holder lid for easily transferring wine from bottle to carafe and back again, all without ever spilling a drop.

Eravino Handblown Crystal Wine Carafe and Aerating Spout – $30.39 after code WELOVEMOM; originally $99

Alternatively, you can go with the aerating spout variety, designed with a strainer that creates a waterfall effect as you pour to better unlock the deeply-held favors of your vintage.

Barolo Smart Wine Decanter – $70.36 after code WELOVEMOM; originally $110

Wine meets tech with this blast of modern convenience that helps highlight your wine flavor profile at the same time. Feed the tube into your bottle, connect the smart decanter, and with a single button press, you get a more aromatic serving of wine poured into your glass. The unit is rechargeable via USB and can decant more than 100 bottles on a single charge. And the whole thing comes in a stylish carrying pouch too.

Wake Up Wine Pro S Electronic Decanter – $119.99 after code WELOVEMOM; originally $299

Any decent sommelier can tell you that proper decanting can take hours in some cases. But the Wake Up Wine Pro S decants, unlocks the deepest wine tastes trapped inside your liquid, and it does it all in minutes. The touch panel lets Mom set and adjust the decant time easily, while a super-fine sediment strainer filters out impurities and sediments that can impact your taste. It's even got Bluetooth 3D speakers built in to enjoy full 360-degree omnidirectional sound while Mom enjoys her grape.

Rabbit-Shaped Zinc Alloy Wine Opener Kit – $39.96 after code WELOVEMOM; originally $59

This manual wine opener pops the cork out of the wine bottle, the aerator enriches the flavors during the pour, and the pump stopper helps keep the wine fresh during the entire session.  The pieces are crafted from a durable copper and zinc alloy, professional and genuinely functional equipment that'll fit in any kitchen or bar decoy. It's a perfect gift for virtually any wine lover or enthusiast.

Wine On Tap Wine Oxygenator – $39.99 after code WELOVEMOM; originally $130

Designed to fit with any wine bottle, this wine oxygenator separates the oxygen from a bottle of wine with a press of a button for a smoother pour and a more enjoyable taste effortlessly. And it does it all without any spilling or mess. Working on a built-in lithium battery, it recharges easily and it even works with other non-wine liquor like champagne.

Costway 21 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator – $339.99; originally $509

Here's how Mom does justice to the wine collection. A large capacity unit with 3 firm, movable shelves to accommodate 21 bottles of wine, this high-efficiency compressor cooling system will put your vino at just the serving temperature you seek. The anti-UV darkened double glass door helps lock in optimal temperature control, holding wins between 41 and 64 degrees for serving. And the digital control display makes it easy to hold your bottles correctly or even enact the auto-lock so kids can't get inside.

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