Conservative Christian man writes about his displeasure at Disney World's new inclusivity policy allowing cast members to "express themselves"

Jonathan VanBoskerck, who resides in North Las Vegas, Nevada is a self-described "Christian and a conservative Republican." He wrote a guest commentary-opinion piece for The Orlando Sentinal to express his disapproval of Disney's new employee dress code that acknowledges not everyone is a white heterosexual Christian conservative.

That spell is broken when the immersive experience is shattered by the real world. And boy, has Disney been breaking the immersion.

Recently, Disney announced that cast members are now permitted to display tattoos, wear inclusive uniforms and display inclusive haircuts. Disney did all of this in the name of allowing cast members to express themselves.

The problem is, I'm not traveling across the country and paying thousands of dollars to watch someone I do not know express themselves. I am there for the immersion and the fantasy, not the reality of a stranger's self-expression. I do not begrudge these people their individuality and I wish them well in their personal lives, but I do not get to express my individuality at my place of business.

What's next, is Disney going to end the rule barring on stage cellphone use by cast members as an infringement on self-expression.

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