Save money while gifting Mom one of these gorgeous rose assortments for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is May 9. Yep, we just got a jolt of stone-cold panic charging up our spines too. We always want to get our moms something special that really encapsulates the love and gratitude we have for all they've done for us over the years. But moms are notoriously hard to buy for, so finding that perfect gift each year is problematic at best.

But there's a reason why flowers for Mother's Day are a stereotype. It's because it works. Moms love 'em, so why reinvent the wheel? Turn into the skid, go with it, and just get Mom something you know will make her happy. To help, here are more than a dozen different deals on some Mother's Day flowers and floral arrangements that'll more than do the trick, especially at savings of up to 62 percent off.

Rose Box

Small Gray Box with Roses – $139.95; originally $139

Everlasting roses from Rose Box are flowers grown in Ecuador and carefully treated to keep their beauty and freshness preserved for up to a year with absolutely no maintenance. Whether you go with the Mini box including five premium blooms (on sale for $89.99), or the Small gray or pink box with 9 or 10 roses, these brilliant bursts of color will have Mom going back to them time and again throughout the year.

Rose Box Single Rose Jewelry Box – $81.99; originally $109

You can get a single bloom or a set of four (on sale for $89.99) delivered to Mom in a clear glass jewelry box display case so she can look at it until next Mother's Day and think of you. They're available in four different colors: red flame, pure white, light pink, and neon pink.

Rose Box Premium Jewelry Box and Everlasting Roses – $259; originally $349

Or go with this gorgeous collection of 16 roses, also presented in this attractive jewelry box format. Mom can appreciate the classic roses, while the 9×9 box holds her most precious treasures…beyond you, of course. This configuration is available in both red flame and neon pink varieties.

Rose Box Mirrored Table Centerpiece and 12 Everlasting Roses – $219.99; originally $299

Of course, if Mom isn't really a jewelry person, send her these everlasting roses in the striking mirrored table centerpiece instead. Positioned on a window sill or smack in the middle of the dining room table, this arrangement could make your gift a front-and-center home accessory for the next 12 months. This collection also comes in four color variations: red, chic coral, white, or ruby pink.

Rose Box Medium Velvet Gray Box and Everlasting Roses – $278.99; originally $329

But nothing says Mom is at the center of your universe like some serious floral overload, so these collections max out the total number of buds, each presented in their own unique box arrangement. You can choose from the velvet gray box sport 24 red roses…

Rose Box Large White Box and Everlasting Roses – $329.99; originally $369

Or go with the basic white box including a whopping 36 to 42 beautiful extra-large red roses. At that point, it's tough to know exactly how many blooms Mom will receive because there are just so damn many that it's hard to keep track.

Rose Farmers

Get 2 Dozen Cream Roses (Digital Voucher) – $49.99; originally $81

Rose Farmers works with growers all over the world, picking and choosing only the best, most unique luxury roses for their assortments. And since anyone can send red roses, you can truly distinguish yourself to Mom with these cream-colored beauties. With this offer, you get a digital voucher, then go make the purchase through the Rose Farmers website, which includes shipping.

Love Everyday: Get a Dozen Roses (Digital Voucher) – $39.99; originally $71

Or give the fates the chance to step up with an assortment of a dozen or two dozen roses (on sale for $49.99) of all shades and varieties, attractively positioned as part of a finely orchestrated arrangement with a little splash of everything. These flowers go right from the farm to your Mom's front door without any middlemen, so your mother will get maximum enjoyment of her flowers while they last.

$40 Store Credit For Only $15 – $15; originally $40

Or if you'd rather go in a different direction with your floral choice, get this $40 credit for anything from while only paying $15. You can build a custom bouquet, select the exact shade you want, or basically craft the ultimate presentation, all while still saving some serious cash.

Empress Flora

Empress Flora flower presentations have been dazzling visitors to high-end Las Vegas properties for years — and now, you can have one heading for your mom. 

La Nota: Forever Rose with Personalized Message – $39.95; originally $59

Each perfectly preserved forever-scented rose is encased in a removable acrylic case with a grand white box to give the bloom the premium presentation power it deserves. Lasting 1 to 3 years and available in red, pink, violet, or blue varieties, your box comes with the La Nota personalized written message

Suóno: Forever Rose with Personalized Audio Message – $64.95; originally $79

Want to take your appreciation a step further? You can opt for the more extravagant Suono audio message so Mom can always hear your voice when she looks at her rose.


Bloomers Plastic Foldable Reusable Vase: 6-Pack – $17.99; originally $29

Vases are beautiful and necessary… but they sure do take up a lot of space. These Flipo brand plastic vases balance style and convenience with a set of six different vase decors, shapes, and sizes that could fit easily into any room, but can actually fold up and store flat in a drawer when they aren't in use. If Mom ever wants to split an arrangement or maybe even give a rose to a friend, this is a perfect way to make it happen.

Sagaform Hold Adjustable Vase – $49.99; originally $59

Is there anything more irritating than trying to get flowers to sit right in a vase if the arrangement doesn't fit the vase size? The Sagaform Hold Vase devised by renowned Swedish designer Pascal Chamolu addresses the problem, including a movable metal sheath that slides up and down transforming the glass vase to hold either small bouquets or even larger cut flower bundles. The vase can even be used as a lantern or candle holder as well.

Prices subject to change.