Woman hired treasure hunter who found a rumored $46,000 hidden in her family's home for 50 years

For decades, a Western Massachusetts woman had heard family rumors of a cache of cash hidden by her relatives in a 1950s home previously owned by her aunt and uncle. She's finally selling the house but wanted to put in one last ditch effort to see if there really was a secret stash of money in the home. So she hired treasure hunter and "detectorist" Keith Wille. From Mass Live:

The search started in early April with the treasure hunter getting a tour of the attic space. There, he spotted the damaged parts of the floor where people in years past had unsuccessfully searched for the money and figured out a game plan for how he would find the cash.

"Turning on my metal detector, I walked over to where light from the two windows intersected," Wille said on his website. "The rumor was that a person could see the box through the floorboards when the light shined into the room. Naturally, I started in the middle of the floor, looking for cracks where light could shine through."

Using the metal detector, an endoscopic camera and his iPhone, Wille kicked off his quest to find the stashed money in the attic space. It took only around 50 minutes before he struck gold.

With his endoscopic camera, Wille found the cashbox in one corner of the attic. He noticed jagged saw marks in the rafters of that section of the space, searched the floor and saw the keyhole of the cashbox. The treasure hunter then removed two suspiciously cut floorboards to take the loot out of its 63-year old hiding place.

The total inside? $46,000.