Pay whatever you want to earn expert Python training courses from this bundle

If it weren't for JavaScript's central role in the creation of web apps and scripts, there's a strong case to be made that Python is the all-purpose, most popular programming language in the world. More intuitive than Java or less rigid than PHP or C#, Python is the language many programmers fall back on for its elegant simplicity and the versatility that has helped Python become the backbone of modern-era computer science and data analytics.

Simply put, if not for the central role of Python, current boundary-pushing technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence would not have advanced to their current state. That's why the Pay What You Want: Advanced Python Masterclass and Automation Training Bundle could turn out to be one of the smartest investments any tech-savvy creator can make in their own skills education.

With this Pay What You Want bundle, the pricing is determined by each shopper. By offering to pay any amount, the purchaser will automatically receive one of the courses in this package, no matter how little they offer. But by beating the average price paid by everyone purchasing the collection, they automatically get access to all 13 courses, a $2,800 value for potentially much less.

The collection features 13 courses including over 70 hours of instruction plunging into all manner of Python creation, as well as including explorations of disciplines like Java, Django, OOP, Bash Shell, and more.

This package doesn't presuppose any prior Python knowledge, starting at the core basics of Python syntax and operations to build understanding one piece at a time. The Python Programming for Beginners: Hands-On (Online Lab) course is a solid foundation to build on, including familiarization with Python programming concepts and datatypes, creating and working with packages and sub-packages, as well as building your own Python virtual environments.

Training escalates from there, guiding first-timers to become experienced practitioners quickly, including side-training in areas like programming blocks, creating with libraries, building desktop GUIs, and more.

There are also a handful of courses specifically addressing how to integrate automation into your Python projects, featuring methods for automated image designing for Instagram, building web scrapers to harvest information, and bash shell scripting for running multiple commands at once and other customized automation.

Simply pay what you want to receive a great course from the Advanced Python Masterclass & Automation Training Bundle or beat the average price to get all 14 courses.

Prices subject to change.