The Satellite 2.0 is a powerful wireless speaker with a real world mission

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere now. Of course, now that those little black rectangles are popping up on every countertop, desktop, tabletop, and mountaintop in the world these days, the divide between quality speakers with the ability to deliver premium sound and their cheap, knockoff imitators with the amplifying power of a wet paper bag is growing wider.

In addition to delivering quality audio, it's also never a bad thing if your portable speaker has a little bit of style to it as well — which is why The Satellite 2.0 Wireless Speaker from LSTN should attract your attention on a few different fronts.

The first thing anyone notices about The Satellite is the wood-encased exterior. And while it would be easy to assume at first glance that it's just a faux wood plastic shell, listeners are surprised to learn that it's actual real handcrafted wood that's containing all this audio goodness. 

And because it's made from actual zebra wood, The Satellite is its own uniquely complex tonal signature that ensures the music is heard just the way it was meant to be heard. At just three inches high, the wood works hand-in-hand with the 40mm 5W driver that's electro-acoustically tuned for amazing sound at any volume with crisp highs and balanced bass.

With wireless connectivity, it's easy to sync this speaker to a laptop, phone, TV, or other compatible device, or just use the 1/8" plug-in for a direct connection. Unlike most similar speakers, the Satellite 2.0 also comes with its own built-in mic to serve as a speakerphone for hands-free calling and even voice control. It's also a speaker with some formidable battery life, capable of lasting for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

While The Satellite 2.0 should more than satisfy your audio needs, it'll even satisfy your humanitarian needs as well. LSTN has partnered with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, contributing a portion of each sale to the providing hearing aids to more than 30,000 people suffering from hearing problems worldwide.

You can help push that mission forward with the purchase of a Satellite 2.0 Wireless Speaker, regularly $99, but now on sale for 20 percent off, just $79.99.

Prices are subject to change.