Alaska lawmaker who fought about Alaska Airlines' mask rules is now banned from their flights (no others fly to Juneau)

Last fall, Alaska state Sen. Lora Reinbold threw a social media fit after being told to wear her mask on an airplane. She called Alaska Airlines staff "mask bulllies" and part of "mask tyranny," and Portland flight attendants "overbearing." She also said, "I honestly hope they get sued for being ridiculous!" She was still at it last week, fighting with Alaska Airlines staff in Juneau about her mask woes, according to The Washington Post.

Well, her mask troubles with Alaska Airline are finally behind her – over the weekend they banned Reinbold for flying on the airline "for her continued refusal to comply with employee instruction regarding the current mask policy," according to a statement by Alaska Airlines to The Washington Post. And unfortunately for her, they are the only airline with "regular flights to the state capital from her home in the Anchorage area."

Now it takes her more than half a day to get to Juneau from her home, including a 14-hour car ride to reach a ferry that will take her there.

Reinbold scrambled on Sunday to get to Juneau via an arduous 14-plus-hour car ride, including a jaunt through Canada, to reach a ferry to the capital.

"Alaska I went to new heights to serve you & have a new appreciation for the marine ferry system," Reinbold posted on Sunday night.

Reinbold also lashed out at the airline, claiming that her latest fight over mask rules was caused by "uptight employees at the counter" and arguing that Alaska Airlines was wrong to publicly confirm that she had been banned.

Once she finally gets to Juneau, she can only enter certain areas of the Capitol, as last month, according to The Washington Post, "she was banned from most of the Capitol for refusing to follow mask rules."