Jen Psaki can barely stifle laughter after her witty answer to a dumb Kevin McCarthy question

Never has a White House Press Secretary made their job seem utterly amusing until Jen Psaki came along. But briefing after briefing, Jen Psaki can't contain her smile as she outsmarts every reporter who tries to corner her with a gotcha question. And her response to a ridiculous question by CBN reporter David Brody was no exception.

"He [Joe Biden] has not met with House minority leader Kevin McCarthy, according to Kevin McCarthy. What does that say about unity?" Brody asked, then muddying his crazy question with a passing concern about HR1 and packing the courts before adding, "There's a lot of folks, you talk about tens of millions of people, that are concerned that this doesn't seem like unity at all."

Psaki then pulls out the main point of his garbled question and drops one of her Psaki bombs on it: "Do you think tens of millions of people are concerned with him not meeting with Kevin McCarthy?" Her smile grew so big I thought she might explode with laughter, but this is Jen Psaki, so of course she remained composed. And of course Brody had to respond with a "no" before quickly trying to change the subject.