This sneaky powerful charging hub brings power to the unlikeliest place: the back seat. 

Car trips with the family aren't just journeys from Point A to Point B. And they aren't just some bonding time, gathering everyone together in a single vehicle to talk, laugh, sing and come together as a cohesive unit.

No, make no mistake. Car trips…are war. From the adults in the front seats to kids in the back, every action, every comment, every sound can win or lose valuable ground in the battle for car dominance. And that power can be supreme for the victors, whether it's stealing inches of precious car seat real estate or controlling what's coming out of the stereo. 

And with the importance today of everyone's devices, there's no more critical battle than over who will be allowed to plug their devices into the vehicle's DC power outlet to stay fully charged. Just like the Highlander, there can be only one…usually.

The ChargeHub V6 Vehicle Charger is how smart vehicle-bound groups restore peace throughout the land, a power center with so many available ports that everyone can have their charging needs met all at once.

The ChargeHub unit plugs directly into the DC outlet/cigarette lighter on your vehicle dash, offering twin USB plugins for charging two devices simultaneously. It's also equipped with SmartSpeed technology, which automatically gauges the optimal flow of power to a given device so it always gets as much as it can take without ever getting overloaded.

But the true brilliance of the ChargeHub is the third, extra plugin for connecting to the ChargeHub's 4-port shareable hub. Unlike the two connections near the dash, this hub includes a 5-foot cord extension that can snake all the way to the back seat. 

Clip it to the back of a seat and you've instantly got four more quick-charging USB ports for plugging in and powering up those phones, tablets, portable game consoles, and other devices in the nether-regions of the vehicle.

With that much easy access to all-important power, everyone has their needs met — and quiet calm can once again settle over the war-torn territory. Well…not for long, but the ChargeHub can certainly hold back the warfare as well as any device could.

Regularly $39.99, you can save 25 percent off the cost of the ChargeHub V6 Vehicle Charger and Detachable Hub by entering the code LIMITLESS25 during checkout. That will drop your final price to only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.