Flight cancelled, man detained after throwing coins into plane engine for "good luck"

A gentleman scheduled to fly on a Guangxi Biebu Gulf Airlines flight from Weifang to Haikou, China was detained when staff was alerted that he had tossed coins wrapped in red paper into the plane's engine for "good luck." Fortunately, runway workers noticed coins on the tarmac under the plane's engine before it took off. From Times Now News:

The staff managed to recover all the coins but the flight had to be cancelled due to safety concerns. All 148 passengers were forced to do deboard and wait for another flight until the next morning.

Following the incident, Wang was detained by the police.

This isn't the first time that someone threw coins at a plane's engine in China.

Last year, a 28-year-old superstitious passenger threw coins at a plane's engine for 'good luck'. He was ordered to pay a fine of 1,20,000 yuan (Rs 12.36 lakh) to the budget airline Lucky Air for his actions.