Video: First roundabout in northeastern Kentucky confuses drivers

When my father-in-law first moved to a house in Kentucky near a roundabout, he knew that many people in the United States aren't familiar with roundabouts, the circular intersections most popular in Europe, so he carefully explained it to me before I visited him. I wish he'd head over to Rowan Country to set them right. From WKYT earlier this month before the roundabout opened:

Roughly 4,000 cars pass through the intersection at routes 60 and 801 in Rowan County every day. Soon, it'll be replaced with a mini roundabout, designed to enhance safety and traffic flow.

"We're looking at a way to reduce the severity of crashes that this intersection has a history of," said Allen Blair with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 9[…]

Nearby local businesses are also on board with the improvements.

"A lot of the locals are pretty apprehensive about the roundabout. I guess it's because it's something new. But I think it'll be better," said Adam Ferguson, the owner of Pop's BBQ.