This $60 wireless charging pad has 5 USB ports to power additional devices

If powering up devices was as easy as plugging your single device into its accompanying charger and juicing away, everything would be simple. But you and the rest of your household are likely laden down with an armload of devices, often with their own proprietary cables, connections, power needs, and beyond.

The ChargeHub X5 Elite was designed to address that proliferation of charging options by consolidating everything down to one simple disc-shaped hub, offering an easy-to-use charging station to power up virtually any device quickly. That's probably why it was honored with an Editor's Choice Best of CES award.

While it looks like a hockey puck, the ChargeHub X5 Elite is actually tech to its core, featuring room for up to six devices to charge comfortably, all at the same time. Around the edges, users can fill up four standard USB ports, as well as a fifth, more powerful USB Type-C port for equipment with more energy needs like a laptop or a gaming system.

And once this hub is stuffed with enough cable connections to look like an octopus, users can also lay a Qi-enabled smartphone or other devices on the top pad to receive full-service wireless charging. It may be busy, but this charger is designed to be universally compatible, making it the Swiss Army knife tech any household needs to keep every device charged and happy.

On top of its high-powered feed, the ChargeHub X5 Elite is also equipped with Limitless Innovations' own SmartSpeed technology. That allows the hub to instantly assess the power demands of each device, then serve up the optimum flow to get that tech back to full strength as fast as possible.

Perfect for home, the office, or, in many situations these days, both, the ChargeHub X5 Elite is usually $79.99, but right now, you can enjoy a savings of 25 percent when you use the code LIMITLESS25 during checkout. That discount slashes your final price down to just $59.99.

Prices subject to change.