Creepy-crawlies need your love and attention, too

Everybody loves watching puppies experience snow for the first time, or watching a kitten try to drink milk on its own, or even the unlikely friendships formed between a camel and a cow. But what about your friendly neighborhood jumping spider? Or maybe a golden target tortoise beetle? If you prefer your four-legged friends more six- or eight-legged (or 300-legged?), prepare yourself for r/awwnverts, Reddit's home for unconventionally cute critters.

While it might not be the best place to get advice on keeping your own exoskeletal friend, it's definitely a good place to share them if you have them, and maybe explore the idea of adopting your own family of hermit crabs. A surprising (to me, at least) number of posts come not from people who've stumbled on neat little creatures in the wild, but from people who own and breed things like isopods, millipedes, and crayfish.

That's not to say that some people don't just post pictures of their favorite invertebrates like some kind of chitinous dream-board.

This fella ended up being a Lytta magister blister beetle, according to u/UPotatoe1012.

Some of the content can be a little upsetting if you're not into things like tailless whip scorpions or hissing cockroaches, but if you're willing to expand your horizons a bit, you'll discover a whole new world of things that make you go, "Aww, look at all 300 of his little legs go!"