Neo-Futurists staging one-on-one phone call performances for "The Program"

Wanted to pass on what the San Francisco Neo-Futurists are up to. They've got a new interactive performance called The Program. The shtick? It's a 45-minute audio experience performed exclusively over your phone (U.S. only).

Here's what I know:

Hello, and welcome to The Program. We've been waiting for your call.
The critically acclaimed San Francisco Neo-Futurists are excited to premiere their first-ever full-length performance, The Program! This immersive one-on-one theatrical performance takes place entirely over the phone.
In this 45-minute interactive performance, you'll dive into a telephonic wormhole that takes the universal experience of navigating an automated phone tree to its most absurd and hilarious extremes. But don't worry: there's an operator standing by.

Tickets are available now.

screengrab and image via SF Neo-Futurists