Placerville proud to be called 'Old Hangtown'

In an effort to prove how confused a town can be Placerville has removed the offensive noose from its logo but has decided to maintain the nickname 'Old Hangtown,' as some ridiculous maroons find that it creates civic pride.

Town leaders have also reaffirmed the name "Old Dry Diggings" that reflects the lack of water available for early mining. The noose and 'Old Hangtown' refer to a past history of hanging folks.


The Placerville City Council voted unanimously Tuesday evening to recognize and keep two historic nicknames of the city.

The names "Old Dry Diggins" and "Old Hangtown" are now preserved officially into the city's history after the vote, which comes two weeks after councilmembers voted to remove a noose from the city's logo.

The public comment session to remove the noose lasted over three hours. However, that vote was also unanimous.