Terrifying footage shot by fisherman caught in Greenland tsunami

A landslide triggered a tsunami in a Greenland fjord on June 18, 2017, scouring the nearby coast on the west of the sparsely-populated island. As the waters rose, a fisherman began filming for posterity, but matters quickly get out of hand. Four people were killed in Nuugaatsiaq, a remote village nearby, when several buildings were washed away.

Shocking moment caught on camera when fishermen got surprised by the incredible power of a tsunami wave which hit Greenland's west coast. Luckily all three were able to escape the wave just in time.

Newly-posted video (below; more) records a series of waves rising in intensity until the sixth tears buildings from their foundations after a long, ominous retreat of the waters. "The person who filmed this survived!" reports Licet Studios, whose channel shows nature wet and angry.

In 2018, a Swiss company…found that the mountain slipped about 1 cm every day and one could expect another landslide at any time. The risk for this was rated at 11.5 out of 12, which is why a resettlement at this time was further excluded. Shortly thereafter it was announced that there was still danger from the mountain slope, making it impossible to end the evacuation. The village of Nuugaatsiaq has since been abandoned.