These STEM learning kits fuel a kid's curiosity for coding, robotics, and more

After all the horrible reality of the past year, you've got to try to embrace some of the little victories from this less-than-ideal period. For instance, if your kid wasn't tech-savvy before, they're probably an absolute whiz now that they've had a year of online Zoom school/IT training to make everything work. Necessity is one heck of a teacher, huh?

While it may not have come under the best of circumstances, the last year has probably heightened every child's interest in how tech operates, from creating the code that makes it all happen to the mechanics of gadget-sized robots for handling simple tasks. If you have a future innovator living under your roof, STEM learning toy company Twin Science can guide your child in those tech-driven interests with collections like their Introduction to Coding Bundle, featuring two of their most popular kid-centric educational kits.

The Curiosity Kit is created for kids ages 7 to 12, offering a fun take on problem-solving that involves melding together building block electronics and craft materials into some fun, imagination-pushing directions. Kids work through a host of included projects that expand their skillset and analytical abilities, building parking sensors, buzzers, a sound detector, a bar graph, and more. These projects are even compatible with Legos, offering kids the chance to really take their creative tech constructions to new fanciful heights.

Meanwhile, the package is completed with another collection aimed at a similar age range, the Coding Kit. This one tailored to children 9 to 12 burrows into the essentials of computer programming. Using Jumpstart coding, kids dig in to build cool real-world objects, each driven by code they assembly themselves. The only thing more impressive than a kid building their own banana piano is realizing they figured out the coding to make it work all on their own.

On top of a pair of fantastic learning collections, a portion of each purchase goes toward Twin Science's Movement Campaign. Those donations help pay for science kits going out to disadvantaged children in rural areas around the globe to help make sure all kids have access to quality tech education en route to STEM careers in the future.

This Introduction to Coding Bundle is a $144 value, but as part of this collection, you can score both kits at a third off their retail price, just $94.99 for the pair.

Prices subject to change.