This discounted Klipsch subwoofer can take your home theater to the next level

Have you revisited a movie theater this year? While movies like Godzilla vs Kong are helping to bring the theater-going experience back, it may be a long time before the cineplex is a bustling center of activity again. That's likely because, while there's a magic to going to the movies, the quarantine has shown millions there's a way to replicate that movie palace experience right at home, starting with a quality home theater setup.

And if you're looking for the single piece that most elevates a home theater to challenge the big screen ambiance, don't overlook the low-key heart of any quality home viewing hub — a capable subwoofer. Contrary to popular belief, cinephiles don't need a subwoofer that can shake the house. But with high-performance equipment like the Klipsch R-12SW 12" subwoofer, users get the clean, chest-thumping bass that brings the full, rich, three-dimensional feel of entertainment soundtracks and music to bursting life.

Klipsch has been a US-based home audio mainstay for decades, and the 12-inch copper-spun IMG driver at the center of this sub is a statement distillation on all those years of audio innovation. The driver serves up low frequencies with almost no distortion, while the built-in all-digital amp feeds enough power to nail true-to-source sound accuracy while remaining energy efficient.

Meanwhile, the unit is also packing a low pass crossover and phase control allowing users to seamlessly blend the sub's low-frequency tones with other speakers in your home theater setup to nail their ideal bass levels. 

The R-12SW is front-firing, so it can be positioned almost anywhere in your home theater space to deliver its full-throated roar. While it's equally impressive with both music and movie or TV audio, the brushed black polymer veneer cabinet with its satin-painted pedestal looks pretty sharp as well, allowing the sub to slip pretty smoothly into virtually any room decor.

The Klipsch R-12SW 12" subwoofer drops the power of a booming, impactful movie theater vibe smack onto your couch — and you can save $50 in the process. Regularly $249, it's on sale now at 20 percent off, dropping your final price to just $199.99

Prices subject to change.