This German Shepherd reacts to drug words like "cocaine" in the most hysterical way

Dante is a retired-police-dog-turned-canine-comedian who lives with TikToker Davey Rutherford in Queensland, Australia. And his reactions to drug-related words are hysterical.

In this first video, he casually looks off to the side, as if he's lost in his own thoughts, until his human rattles off a grocery list: "Bread, milk, pasta, eggs, mayo, cocaine." Never has a dog's head snapped to attention so quickly – and the expression says, "Man, are you serious!?" Rutherford immediately says, "Just kidding."

And when Rutherford suggests they should perhaps "go for a walk to the beach, maybe swim in the pool, get a bag," Dante again swivels his head, with an uneasy expression that says, "Hmmmm… should we?"

Via TheAnimalRescueSite