MagiQuest with Jeff McBride is the real deal of an online "magical experience"

Up for a magical adventure? Follow Master Magician Jeff McBride through the looking glass of your screens.

Since the pandemic hit, many forms of theatrical experiences did their best to pivot online, with mixed results, as artists from different fields are still exploring the possibilities of the new online platforms. Many magicians tried their hand at this medium, including household names like Penn & Teller, Michael Carbonaro, Justin Willman. And now, here comes Jeff McBride — and he is reinventing the rules of the game.

Jeff 'Magnus' McBride

In the magic community, the name Jeff McBride commands undivided respect and admiration, being widely regarded as one of the most innovative and dynamic magicians alive today. Jeff has done it all: earned the major accolades from the industry, holder of multiple Guinness World Records for his dazzling sleight-of-hand, performed on all major stages and TV networks worldwide, most recently fooling Penn & Teller. As a teacher and consultant, Jeff is the founder and driving force behind the Magic and Mystery School, arguably the most important school for serious students of magic. Jeff is the authentic incarnation of a contemporary shaman and modern hermeticist.


Surfing the waves of our present circumstances, Jeff embraced the creative challenge of designing an online "magical experience". The result is MagiQuest: almost one year in the making, it's a fun, exciting, fully interactive online experience. This is an adventurous journey into the mind and the world of a true magician, who shares his encounters with the magical and the miraculous, shows his delightful and mindbending deceptions, opens the doors of his Library of Secrets, his Exquisite Collection, and his Cabinet of Curiosities, everything live from his Wunderkammer in Las Vegas. This is nothing less than an "initiation" into the real mysteries of magic, an experience that promises the participants high doses of wonder and astonishment.

MagicQuest's curtain opens on May 7th at 7.00 PM (Las Vegas time) and runs for 8 performances through May 16th. More about MagiQuest visiting here.