NJ Police chief charged with asking to have sex with cop's wife and pre-teen daughter will remain on the force

Another thing police officers can apparently do without getting fired: ask a subordinate cop for permission to have sex with his wife and pre-teen daughter in exchange for a promotion.

NJ.com reports that Judge Raymond A. Batten Vineland found Police Chief Rudolph Beu guilty of "insubordination, neglect of duty, conduct unbecoming a public employee, and other offenses."

As a result, Beu will be demoted to Deputy Chief but will keep his job.

From NJ.com:

The most serious charge concerned an alcohol-fueled encounter the chief allegedly had with an officer and the man's wife on April 7, 2017 at a sports bar at a Philadelphia Phillies game.

The couple claimed claimed Beu looked the woman "up and down" and offered to promote the officer if he could take his wife home with him.

"It made me feel extremely uncomfortable and, at that point, I got up and walked away," the woman testified. The officer also alleged that Beu asked about sleeping with the couple's pre-teen daughter, according to Batten's findings.

From NY Post:

"As I go out the door, he says 'How about your daughter?' and he starts laughing," the officer claimed, saying his boss followed him outside and yelled at his children in his parked truck that their dad was getting a promotion.

The officer went to his union, Vineland PBA Local 266, and filed a formal complaint with the city solicitor.

"[The comments] were absolutely unprofessional and if it happened the way officer said it happened, it is illegal," union president Craig Scarpa told the site.

"I have no reason to believe that it did not happen that way because I have seen and witnessed Mr. Beu be untruthful too many times."

Beu did not address the specific accusations, but told NJ.com that "there are two sides to every story."