Do you live in a UFO hotspot? Check out this UFO sightings map

The UFO Sightings Map lists over 80,000 records of UFO sightings in the United States from 1910–2014. Historic UFO sightings are marked in yellow on the map and contain detailed reports about the incident. Just click on the spot you're curious about, and you can learn more about the UFO sighting.

Here are some examples of sighting reports (all from Palm Spring, California):

  • Two white orbs above Downtown Palm Springs, spotted by at least two completely sober people.
  • Inexplicable red UFO rises like a distant star, then falls to earth.
  • 3 red cigar shaped UFO's flying overhead. 1 stopped and remained stationary for about 30 seconds.

The map includes "UFO Activity Near Me" search tool; just type in a location and see the results for UFO sightings in that particular area. By adjusting the time widget at the bottom of the map, users can control which year's data is displayed. This map is a great tool to use as part of a UFO research project or to explore for fun.