Scrivener 3 for Mac helps writers get the job done their own way for $30

Hermetic. Temperamental. Iconoclastic. Unique. For centuries, those types of stereotypes have typically grown up around writers because…well, writers are often a bit of a different breed. Most march to their own drums. Most do things their way. And most are fairly unrepentant about defiantly walking their own path. 

Trying to make writers agree on much of anything is often a fool's errand. So crafting a tool that all writers can use and take value from requires the extreme versatility to be almost all things to all different types of writers.

As the esteemed PCMag put it, "Scrivener is the best writing app for long-form writers because it was built with their needs in mind." And since every writer has their own process and methodology, that means Scrivner has to pack a lot of functionality under its multifaceted hat.

The latest version of the venerable writing hit, Scrivener 3 for Mac does just that, offering a truly colossal range of stylistic and organizational features to serve as an able writing assistant, no matter the user's personal approach.

This PCMag Editors Choice pick and long-time no. 1 writing app is a word processing and project organization system that isn't afraid to present its formidable array of abilities, then step back and just let each writer do their thing.

The Scrivener interface is intuitive, but what a writer does with it depends on them. Starting from scratch or from one of the provided templates, Scrivener lets users build their own workflow, including notations, draft revisions, working in a storyboard form, or conducting research, all without ever leaving their document.

Writers can import all sorts of files including Word and OpenOffice documents, or use Corkboard mode to step back and work on, edit, move, or completely rearrange different sections of the document to open up new ideas. With Outliner, creators work from an umbrella overview as they arrange drafts, or review a synopsis, while Split mode puts documents side by side to bring together the best of each into your final work.

Writers like New York Times best-seller Karen Traviss call Scrivener 3 "what working writers need," while comics writer Ryan Sohmer said the app "changed my entire workflow for the better."

You can see exactly how Scrivener 3 for Mac works with your particular writing process now and save almost 40 percent off the regular price, just $29.99 for lifetime access.

Prices subject to change.