This smart ear cleaner provides a live video feed and is on sale for 44% off

Ear cleaning is one of the most misunderstood personal grooming steps around. We've all heard the warnings about the potential dangers of using a cotton swab to clean the interior of our ear canals. But since we all assume we'd never be the one to accidentally push too hard and perforate an eardrum, we all keep using the swab anyway.

While the safety messaging makes all kinds of sense, cotton swabs might meet their ear-cleaning end faster if people knew they are often only making the earwax problem worse. Instead, a tool like the Bebird N3 Pro 2-in-1 Ear Cleaning Tweezer and Rod set is not only safer but can actually do a better job cleaning your ears.

Indiegogo backers funded the N3 Pro, a combo tool using a high-tech robotic arm that can clear all that earwax and other debris out of your ear canals safely and easily. Unlike swabs that often can't gather wax and often actually push it deeper inside the ear, the N3 Pro is perfectly outfitted for the job, including three variable rubber-coated tweezer tips with their own spoon to fit any sized ear, it extracts or even scoops out earwax without mashing it around or leaving any behind.

That happens thanks to the newly designed 10 million pixel HD camera and LED light also positioned at the tweezer's end. Synced to the Bebird N3 Pro app on your phone or tablet, this ultra-high focus cam can literally let you watch while you clean your ears, eliminating any buildup you can see.

The 360-degree angle detection allows all the precision you need to reach any pocket that demands cleaning, while the 6-axis smart gyroscope detects even the slightest movement of the cleaning tweezer so you grab and take out everything while also preventing any over-penetration injuries to the eardrum.

The N3 Pro controls its temperature to never overheat, has an anti-slip design to avoid accidents, and can last for up to a month of cleaning on just an hour of charging.

Regularly $139, the Bebird N3 Pro 2-in-1 Ear Cleaning Tweezer and Rod Set is now available at almost 45 percent off, down to only $76.95.

Prices subject to change.