Jeff Goldblum to roll the bones on the Dark Dice RPG podcast

The Dark Dice podcast-based RPG is about to get a new elven sorcerer for its second season. Deadline reports:

Jeff Goldblum is entering a new world. The Jurassic Park star is to lend his voice to Dungeons & Dragons podcast Dark Dice.

Goldblum will play elven sorcerer Balmur on the upcoming season of the audio series.

He is voicing one of the five player-characters in the improvised audio drama, where the outcome of the story is determined by the fated rolling of dice.

It is latest unusual move for Goldblum, whose Disney+ series The World According To Jeff Goldblum was renewed for a second season.

Dark Dice's quest takes place after a failed attempt to save the world and follows the team's hunt for revenge against the other player-controlled team. To complicate mystical matters, Goldblum's team is stalked by a creature known as The Silent One, a deceptive being that steals the face and voice of any creature it chooses.

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Image: Screengrab