Take back your backyard this summer with 10 deals on insect-smashing weapons

Every summer, you try to drink in the full beauty and grandeur of your backyard and bathe in the radiant sunshine. And every summer, flying, crawling, buzzing, humming, biting, stinging, and all-around ultra-irritating insects plant their flag in opposition. 

If you want to enjoy your summer for once, you have to beat those pesky bugs back. Thankfully, these 10 assorted bug zappers, insect repellants, and mosquito deterrents can eradicate that opposition once and for all. And each is even now on sale at up to 60 percent off, which is just more incentive to go medieval on their buggy behinds.

They've been warned. Go do your thing.

Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Band – $16.99; originally $39

This isn't just a watch. This is your high-tech weapon for driving mosquitoes crazy. Packed with high-quality ultrasonics, this device emulates the sound of male mosquito wings, which instinctively drives away female mosquitoes, who are the ones who do all the biting. Ingenious, right? It's also non-toxic, waterproof, and capable of remaining on duty for up to 130 hours.

3-in-1 Waterproof Bug Zapper Lantern – $19.99; originally $49

Sure, a bug zapper is a critical piece of equipment, but it would be even more essential if it was a diligent multi-tasker. This mosquito zapper not only provides a bug-free zone of up to 16 feet, but it's packing a 1,800mAh battery to also serve as a camping lantern or a much-needed flashlight. With a built-in-retractable hook, a removable lampshade, an extra plastic cage for added protection, and even an IP6 waterproof rating, this is definitely a backpack-worthy addition for any summer excursions.

Bug Bite Thing Insect Bite/Sting Relief Suction Tool: 2-Pack – $12.99 after code BUGBITE6; originally $19

Here's a safe, low-tech, non-invasive way to knock out the annoyance of insect bites — just suck 'em out. This easy-to-use tool literally extracts insect saliva or venom out from under your skin to soothe the itching, stinging, and swelling of insect bites and stings. Rather than using a cream or ointment to try to tamp down the effects of a bite, this little miracle worker goes right to the heart of the problem and wipes it clean out of existence.

Use the code BUGBITE6 during checkout to get this at $6.96 off the regular price.

Mosquito Killer Lamp – $29.95; originally $39

The Moskiller is most definitely gonna rack up a serious mosquito body count. This innovative lamp traps then kills those flying disease spreaders without the use of chemicals or any harmful substances. The LED lights attract 'em, the seven-leaf fan sucks 'em in, then the anti-escape storage box inside dehydrates and ultimately kills 'em silently and efficiently.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 4-Pack – $38.99; originally $84

Sometimes, you're warring with bigger prey than just insects or mosquitoes. That's why this ultrasonic weapon is an all-around pest deterrent. It doesn't just send every insect in a 1,100 to 1,600 sq ft. area running, it's also effective against rats, bats, or even squirrels. Just plug it into a standard wall socket and you can keep your home, warehouse, office, or any other property entirely pest-free. As for any annoying co-workers… Well, you're on your own.

Bye Bye Bug Repeller Plug – $19.99; originally $49

People-safe and environmentally friendly, this repeller is definitely a whole lot less friendly to bugs. When plugged into the wall outlet, this unit producing a high-frequency anti-inhibitor that only insects can hear. Wherever you plug it in, you'll have a 10-foot radius of completely insect-free space in 24 to 48 hours. It's also available in basic white or a soothing kelly green.

Zap It! Electric Bug Zapping Rackets (2-Pack) – $35.99; originally $39

It may look like a ping pong paddle and a tennis racket had a baby, but this zapping racket has all the bug-killing abilities those other tools never dreamed of. Backed with a solid 4.3 out of 5-star rating from Amazon reviewers, this Zap It sports a 4,000-volt grid that instantly kills mosquitoes, flies, and pests on contact. It charges via USB, uses blue light to attract pests, and even boasts a triple-layer mesh to make sure no one suffers an accidental zapping.

Zap It! Electric Indoor Bug Zapper – $29.99; originally $39

Built with a powerful 2,800-volt metal grid, the bright UV light brings the flying insects in droves, then snuffs them out just as quickly. The flame retardant enclosure makes this death dealer 100 percent safe, even for indoor use. And it's even got its own handy bug collection tray so you can easily sweep away the evidence of your insect butchery.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Lamp – $21.95; originally $49

This repellant source actually uses a fan to help keep pests away. With a unique, photocatalyst design, this lamp uses ultrasonic technology to act on the hearing and nervous system of mice and pests to make them uncomfortable and force them to leave. And it's effective within an indoor area of up to 1,600 sq. ft., so it's perfect to use ridding homes, warehouses, offices, gardens, hotels, and more from unwanted intruders.

LED Mosquito Repellent Light – $52.95; originally $69

This innovative, yet sleek little device is as devious as they come. It actually mimics human bionic technology, simulating human breath and heat to attract mosquitoes and other insects to their doom. It uses no toxic chemicals, covers an area up to almost 500 sq. ft., and even contains all the insect remains so there's never any mess.

Prices subject to change.