Check out these MacPaint masterpieces from the 1980s

I came across this awesome Historical Gallery and Archive of MacPaint art from the '80s. I love the old-school digital aesthetic to these images, and feel inspired to play around on MacPaint myself after looking through the archive.

Bill Atkinson's MacPaint was developed by Apple Computer and released in 1984 with The original Macintosh personal computer. It was sold as a package for $195 with its counterpart, MacWrite.

Before the invention of the Mac, it wasn't easy to create digital art and graphics due to the equipment required and the low screen resolution of previous computers. What made MacPaint special was its ability to create professional-looking graphics that were compatible with other applications. I'm a huge fan of retro MacPaint art, so I was very pleased to find this little collection of it.

If you're curious about how to use Mac Paint today, check out this link.

[Image: "Time 'n Space- Cover of M-Aura 10/1987" by Jim Leftwich]