The Kodak Step Touch instant camera does more than just print photos

With smartphone technology, everybody has a ridiculously brilliant digital camera to snap pictures at any time. While you can certainly share in the joy by emailing or texting family and friends with your shots, there's a tangible, visceral thrill when you've actually got a physical copy of your picture right in your hand, a real world reminder that captured the moment forever.

The Kodak Step Instant Print Digital Camera keeps that tradition alive, a 3-in-1 device that captures, saves, then prints your favorite images right from that camera for that extra added jolt of fun. While it may look like one of those point-and-shoot cameras of the past, the Step Touch is a whole lot more than that. 

Featuring a powerful 13MP camera for crystal clear images, the camera also includes a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen to perfectly frame your images, as well as features like 10X optical zoom, split screen, a pop-up flash, an auto-timer, a selfie mirror and more for more innovative shots than photographers 20 years ago even dreamed possible. Plus, the Step Touch has a host of built-in editing features to add filters, funny emojis, decorative frames, and other personalized flairs to each image. 

And since we seldom want to stop at just pictures anymore, the Step Touch is also equipped with complete 1080p video capture abilities as well, recording high-quality video with sound. But in addition to serving as a camera and camcorder, the Step Touch is also a printer, using Zink Zero Ink technology to turn edited photos into 2×3-inch sticky-back prints in an instant, just by pushing the print button.

The photos come out clear, bright, and colorful, each covered with an extra layer of protective coating to prevent smudges, rips and water damage. The camera even connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and can print an image from the phone or an inserted SD card as well.

Experience the joy of taking and printing your own pictures instantly with the Kodak Step Touch Instant Print Digital Camera. It's available now for just $129.99.

Prices subject to change.