Get $100 worth of gift card credit for $18

While the past year probably helped advance your culinary skills immeasurably… you're thinking what we're thinking, right? With vaccinations rising and restrictions loosening, it's time to get back out there and enjoy restaurants again.

From big chains to local eateries, we all know they haven't been doing all that great lately. But with this offer from for a $100 eGift card for just $18, you can go on a full welcome back tour of every favorite dining spot in your town — and make it rain. hosts deals from over 62,000 eateries nationwide in all 50 states, more than half a million available offers every day with thousands of new ones added every 24 hours.

Here's how it works — you buy this $100 gift card to for just $18. Then, you go to the website, search your area, find all the various discount offers happening in your city, and pick your favorites.

It's practically like getting discounted twice on the same meal. Do the math. With your $100 gift card, you can pick up 10 different $25 gift vouchers to individual restaurants like House of Blues, Bacci Pizza, Senor Frogs, Lobster Gram, each priced at $10. That's like $250 worth of spending cash at 10 favorite restaurants…and you only paid $18, less than $2 per restaurant.

Shoppers will have to make some decisions, of course, with dining deals ranging from $5 up to $100. Thankfully, the deals never come with any expiration dates, so you can either put a bunch aside for when you want to go out for a special night — or spend a week hitting every cuisine of the work each night. Certificates are good for dine-in, takeout, or delivery, just to make sure it's ultra-convenient for just how you want to enjoy your meal.

And if you're not sure about a place, is also home to its own Verified Diner Ratings and Reviews program, which allows only verified diners to write a review, not just any anonymous web troll, so you get an honest take on an establishment.

Right now, you can start eating your way across town with the $100 eGift card now on sale for just $18.

Prices subject to change.