Goodtimer might just bring your parent-child war to an end, and it's 30% off now

Raising kids is a grind, a 24/7/365 all-encompassing responsibility that never truly ends. But even as all-important as that job is, it's no surprise that all the other overwhelming responsibilities parents face in their daily lives occasionally make them take their eye off the ball when it comes to the kids. Are they following Mom and Dad's instructions? Are they being difficult? Are they fighting with siblings?

The snap response to lapses in a kid's behavior is often for parents to start doling out negative reinforcement in the form of punishments or threats of punishments. The Goodtimer Positive Reinforcement Educational Toy for Kids lets parents flip that around, offering an established system that makes instilling the behaviors you want to see in your child a positive experience instead of an angry one.

Backed by neuroscience and developed by positive parenting experts, the Goodtimer looks like a glowing Wi-Fi speaker. But its patented technology is actually part of a highly effective way to reinforce good behavior and encourage children to form good habits that last.

It's sort of like a high-tech list of chores. With a handy childrens' book explaining the Goodtimer backstory, you establish a list of rewardable behaviors you'd like your kids to perform — and they set up incentives for things they love like treats, a new toy, or more screen time.

When a child is behaving, Goodtimer is upright — and with enough "good time" earned, it'll start dispensing tokens the child can use toward the incentives you agreed on. When they misbehave, Goodtimer goes upside-down, stopping "good time" and allowing you to have a conversation about how to get "good time" back.

Simple enough for a 3-year-old to understand, in a toddler-tough, impact-resistant body, the Goodtimer encourages kids to form the habits parents want to see using positive reinforcement, tangible incentives, and family participation. Parents and kids are both on the same page, offering families consistency and true goals so every parenting struggle doesn't feel like a battle in a Roman Colosseum.

The Goodtimer mantlepiece is already jam-packed with awards, including the 2021 Family Choice Award, 2020 Product of the Year by Creative Child Magazine, a Mom's Choice awardee, and a National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. It also scored big thumbs up from actual users, logging a solid 4.3 out of 5 stars from Amazon reviewers.

You can try out the positive impacts of the Goodtimer Positive Reinforcement Education Toy for yourself now at 30 percent off its regular price, dropping your cost to only $55.99.

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