Police to high schoolers: Naked "Nerf Wars" could lead to arrest

In the Village of Hartland, Wisconsin, police issued a warning to students of Arrowhead High School: Nerf Wars should not be played naked. From the police statement:

Please talk to your children about playing the "Nerf Wars" game safely. While we encourage students to have fun we want them to play safe, and each year we have calls for students playing this game nude.

THIS is not ok and could be exposing themselves to children and other citizens. If you are a parent of an AHS student please warn them they could be arrested and issued citations (if playing nude).

We also want don't want them trespassing or causing traffic related issues while playing this game, so please play safely.

This 2016 news report from a Nerf War battleground in Ohio suggests playing au naturel is actually a winning strategy because nudity makes the warrior invincible.

image (cropped): Helgi Halldórsson (CC BY-SA 2.0)