These Long Lost TMNT / Star Wars Mashups Are Incredible

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a long history of wild crossovers with other nerdy properties. But according to the Jedi Temple Archives, the best one that could have happened never actually did. In the early 90s, when Hasbro/Kenner had let the Star Wars action figure license lapse. So Playmates made a pitch for the property, and even commissioned famed Ninja Turtles artist Michael Dooney to mock up some potential artwork for a line of TMNT / Star Wars crossover toys.

I never knew I needed a pizza lightsaber all this time.

These closeups with the call-out details make it even better. A nunchuck bowcaster! Sewer pipe lightsaber handles! A miniature Han Solo In Carbonite strapped to April Leia's belt! Various versions of Donatello strapped to the other Turtles' backs! This is the stuff of childhood dreams.

There are even some customized fan-made toy versions of those, to show us all what could have been (such as Krang riding an AT-ST).