Make healthy yogurts, kefirs, protein shakes, and more with this Probiotic Maker

It may surprise you to learn that the bacteria in your body outnumber the native cells by as much as 10-to-1. That means you could have any many as 300 trillion bacteria living inside you at any given moment. 

While the thought of living cells that aren't your own flooded throughout your body is likely an anxiety-inducing idea, the reality isn't quite so sinister. While alive, most bacteria are absolutely harmless — and some are actually pretty beneficial to your health.

Those friendly bacteria are called probiotics, and in the right balance, they can play a key role in all kinds of health benefits, including weight loss, improved digestion, enhanced immunity function, healthier skin, and a reduced risk of some diseases.

With the Probiotic Maker, you can make yogurt and kefir, two of the most popular forms of probiotics, all without the skill, hassle, and mess it usually takes to make those body-friendly treats. The world's first and only in-bottle system of its kind, the Probiotic Maker is basically a heating sleeve that surrounds a bottle or container of milk.

Once you pour in the starter packet containing 11 different types of probiotic seeds into a fresh quart, half-gallon, or even a 1-gallon jug or bottle, all you have to do is slip on the Probiotic Maker and plug it in for about 9 or 10 hours. The next morning, you can pop the jug back into the refrigerator to cool it, add fruits or other flavorings to taste, and you've got a ready supply of the healthy treat that'll last for days.

Each 1-gallon batch makes the equivalent of 47 probiotic drinks, 32 yogurt cups, 64 yogurt tubes, or literally hundreds of probiotic pills. You can use skim milk to create fat-free probiotic protein shakes, or use whole milk to make full milk concoctions without carbs for a low or even no-carb keto shake.

With only natural sugars and no preservatives, the Probiotic Maker is all about healthy foods, including straining off the whey to make authentic Greek yogurt or go further and create your own fresh kefir cheese or cream cheese.

You can take a huge step toward a super-healthy household with the Probiotic Maker, including a set of free starter seed packets, for almost $20 off the regular price, just $79.99.

Prices subject to change.