ZipDrive turns any computer into a cloud drive accessible from anywhere for $20

Cloud storage has opened up all kinds of new file storage and sharing possibilities for small companies and on-the-go individuals. Of course, it does require some coordination issues to be worked out beforehand. Like…did you remember to move those files from your personal PC to the cloud? 

And then there's the apocalyptic cloud storage fear — what happens if I push an important file to the cloud…and I can never get it back? Make no mistake…while cloud storage is certainly useful, it isn't completely foolproof — and cloud failures will happen.

Rather than worrying about the state of the cloud or your information when it's in somebody else's hands, a subscription to a ZipDrive Basic Plan can be your perfect middle ground between the joys of shared mobile file access and the horrors of worst-case cloud disasters.

In essence, ZipDrive turns any home or work computer into your own personal cloud drive. After installing the ZipDrive app on a desktop or laptop, users control access, deciding whether to make the entire contents of that computer available or just select drives or folders. It can even all live on an external hard drive attached to the computer.

Once ZipDrive members make their selections, and all the content they want shared can then be browsed, streamed, or edited from anywhere through any web browser or mobile device. Everything appears with the same file and folder structure intact, allowing users to easily find, play and view videos, audio, photos, and more on their home or office device anywhere they go. It's a perfect system for telecommuters trying to shuffle between work and home systems, or a road warrior who wants access to all their most critical files on a trip without duplicating or transferring files.

Members can share files or folders from a single computer with anyone via a secure shared link, which can even allow multiple team members to work on or edit a shared document like a Microsoft Office file in real-time. 

In addition to all access sessions being secured with TLS v1.2 to protect vital data, ZipDrive also enlists other security measures as well, including two-step verification when someone signs into an account to make sure only authorized users have access. 

Right now, users can secure a 10-year subscription to a ZipDrive Basic Plan allowing complete access to a single computer at almost 80 percent off the regular price. Normally $99, it's on sale now for only $19.99.

Prices subject to change.