A tarot deck from the age of corona

Steve Speer, the creator of some very out-there, psychedelic animations from the early 1990s, brings us the magical CoronaTarot. Speer collaborated with occultist Ami Lahoff and Pantheist Lena Strayhorn to create this one-of-a-kind deck.

Images relating to the current politics, media, and memes of the pandemic-era make up the 78 unique illustrations; A masked person looking nervously into the mirror with a reflection of a skeleton staring back (Lovers), a naked woman crouching over a river, with a giant virus glistening in the sky above her (Star), and many other grim yet fitting images.

The Death card creeps me out the most. It depicts a person wearing a Hazmat suit and bringing a corpse through a field of bodies:

From the online description:

The CoronaTarot is an encapsulation of the zeitgeist, channeled to offer guidance and consolation through this wondrous and bizarre period of transition. The CoronaTarot deck is a unique and powerful oracular device for navigating the META AEON."

Both mystical and satirical, the CoronaTarot is the "pandemic in a box."

Here's a link to purchase your own deck and enter your esoteric phase of the Pandemic.