This reliable HP ProDesk 600G2 PC is now priced at under $500, almost 40% off

When you go shopping for a new vehicle, it's natural to be dazzled by some of the amazing bells and whistles of some of the most forward-thinking new cars and trucks. 

However, if you were smart, you went shopping with a veteran of the car lots, who quickly reminded you that you would be paying a premium for all those new, untested lights and extras. Instead, look at proven brands with proven track records. They may not always be flashy, but you'll often get the most vehicle for the least amount of money.

That philosophy holds when buying a new computer as well. And there may not be a trustier, more battle-tested desktop than HP's entry-level business desktop warehouse, the ProDesk. Right now, you can score a big discount on renewed and fully restored ProDesk models like this HP ProDesk 600G2, now at almost 40 percent off.

Built to handle the heavy use and heightened demands of corporate users, the HP ProDesk 600G2 combines hyper-productivity with advanced security, sound reliability, and a healthy array of features to serve as a solid foundation for anyone's personal or professional computing needs.

At the center of the action is the 3.20 GHz Intel i5 Quad Core 6th Gen processor backed with a hefty 16GB of RAM, serving up enough computing might to either run most of the most labor-intensive programs around with ease or just to multitask like a boss. In addition, the ProDesk also includes a spacious 512GB hard drive, big enough to keep all your most important docs and other files safe. The unit comes with a freshly installed version of Windows 10 that fires right up as soon as the user accepts the license agreement. 

Meanwhile, this previously owned ProDesk has received a complete top-to-bottom retrofit inspection with full quality control testing from a Microsoft-authorized refurbisher. Not only are the drives primed and ready to go, but any and all failing hardware has been replaced as well as all ports and connectors are found to be in full working order.

You can add the HP ProDesk 600G2 Desktop PC to your tech arsenal now and save hundreds off the regular price. This fully restored computer would ordinarily sell for over $800, but as part of this deal, it's available now at almost 40 percent off, down to just $485.07

Prices subject to change.