Watch as a "pet" tiger roams a residential Houston neighborhood

Neighbors in a Houston, Texas residential area spotted a tiger – that was wearing a collar – walking across lawns and the street. One man called called 911 and then immediately alerted the neighborhood. Then one of these neighbors, an off-duty sheriff's deputy (mistaken in the 911 call as a sergeant), stood outside with a gun pointed at the tiger, yelling, "Get the fuck back inside!" (See video below.) The tiger was apparently being kept in one of the homes by an irresponsible idiot, even though it's illegal to own a tiger in a residential area, and had gotten loose.

According to KHOU, the sheriff's deputy ended up "holding the owner" who was "trying to leave."

From KHOU:

"This is about a tiger. I'm on the phone with the caller, who is a sheriff's department sergeant, and he's holding the owner, and the owner is trying to leave," said Houston police dispatchers in audio captured by Broadcastify.

Witnesses said the tiger was later put in a vehicle and taken away before police arrived.

The deputy emphasized he only pointed his weapon at the cat, not people, to keep the neighborhood safe. …

Currently, police have not announced charges or released further information about Sunday evening's tiger incident.