In this game you are a bear driving a truck loaded with cargo

In Bear Truck Trucker you are a bear trucker who is tasked with transporting cargo. The roads are hazardous and the things in the back of the truck will fall out if you aren't careful. Once you earn enough money, you can buy upgrades to your truck, such as a bigger bed.

From the page:

Drive a truck with incredibly realistic physics and feel the torque of a 5-gear manual transmission. Explore the state of Idaho looking for goods to buy and sell to make a profit.

Stack your stuff carefully, and drive over moderately some hilly terrain!

* Plan your route.
* Load up the truck.
* Put 'er in gear.
* Activate cruise control.
* Pop a root beer.
* Sit back and.. relax?

Explore the 3 corners of Idaho. From the jungles of Benewah county to the badlands of Minidoka county, buy low and sell high up in the mountains of Lemhi county.

[via Sensible Endowment]