Mary Poppins updates her most famous song with "GOP's-A-Cult-For-Scammers-Liars-Thugs-And-Traitors"

Um diddle, diddle diddle, um diddle aye, um diddle, diddle diddle, um diddle aye… Jim Jordan is a scary twit whose scandals are quite crass, Ron Johnson is an idiot, Josh Hawley what an ass, There's Tommy Tubes and Marco Rubes and Batshit Marjorie, A bitchy backward buncha boobs, Now throw in Lady G

Mary Poppins' job is a lot more complicated 57 years after her stint with Jane and Michael Banks. Now she must explain the dirt behind dirty politics to her new young charges. After her young lad is scolded for using the words "Tucker" and "Carlson," his sister asks, "What may we say when we're frustrated with Republican leadership?" Which catapults "Molly Bobbins" into her updated "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" ditty, now called "GOP's-A-Cult-For-Scammers-Liars-Thugs-And-Traitors." And what a distasteful mouthful it is.

Sung by Bette Midler and produced by MeidasTouch.