Super Pixel Quest: A one-of-a-kind digital web comic

Super Pixel Quest is a 164-page, digital webcomic by French artist Emmanuel Espinasse. He created the comic in 2014 but it has the feel of a 1980s HyperCard game with its black and white, pixelated design.

Through animated GIFS, Super Pixel Quest tells the story of a little creature navigating an eerie mansion. The creature must escape an evil gnome as it wanders through dark tunnels, cobwebs, pits of skeletons, and other nooks and crannies full of creepy surprises.

Super Pixel Quest exists somewhere in between a comic and a video game. It has no instructions. The images change with each click of the mouse and you never really know what's coming next.

 Espinasse says about the comic:

"I wanted to recreate the feeling you have when you've just finished reading a comic page, panel by panel, and finally see it like a whole entity, with its own structure, rhythm, and graphic vibe. My comic is definitely supposed to be read on-screen, but it also borrows a lot from paper comics."

Super Pixel Quest is brilliantly unique, and clicking through it made my day.