Ted Cruz flops again with another lousy political theater stunt

Political theater is not Ted Cancun Cruz's forte, and yet the GQP senator from Texas keeps on trying. His latest flop began at a Senate Judiciary Committee today when he veered away from the subject of gun violence prevention to ask Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and the Democrats a bogus, off-topic question. "If you don't support 'abolishing' the police, why do you keep voting for nominees who advocate abolishing police?"

Blumenthal didn't buy into the calculated drama. "As you well know, Senator Cruz, that is a complete distortion of their positions. We're not here to talk about those nominees. If you want to stay, we can do it at the end of the hearing, but right now we're going to move on."

So Cruz, still trying to get some theatrical traction, stands up, looks around to see if anyone is reacting (which no one is), and then takes his toys and goes home – or, more likely, to the airport.