Capital One Shopping helps ensure you don't overpay online

There's no one who doesn't enjoy saving money. Heck, people with money are the first ones who enjoy a good bargain when they find one.

While the glow of scoring a truly great deal is actually palpable, there's a reason for that charge of satisfaction. It's because really great deals don't happen every day. And that's because bargain hunting can actually require a lot of legwork, even in this streamlined digital shopping age.

No one wants to overpay an extra $10, $20, even $50 on a new tablet or a power tool, but unless you start surfing every major retailer or off-the-beaten-path discount offers scattered across the web, users can end up spending those extra dollars without even realizing that a savings was available, practically in plain sight.

With Capital One's easily-installed desktop browser extension, shoppers can save money and time as the service evaluates something they want to buy, scours other merchants and websites for the best available price, then automatically applies those savings to their cart during checkout. In the last year alone, Capital One Shopping found customers more than $160 million in savings.

Don't overpay online

Taking advantage of Capital One Shopping's watchful eye doesn't require being a Capital One customer. All it requires is installing a quick and simple extension to your computer browser.

Once activated, the extension is your new unblinking eye, a shopping wingman who surveys the vast world of online commerce for you. As you scope out something you want to purchase on Amazon or Target, Capital One Shopping will notify you if that item you're browsing is available cheaper somewhere else.  

So even if you're ready to pull the trigger on that Star Wars R2-D2 hoodie on Amazon for $45, Capital One Shopping will dive in first to let you know that same hoodie is available on eBay for only $35, for example. 

Unlike other competitor extensions that only check for cheaper offerings from other Amazon sellers, Capital One Shopping knows the galaxy of shopping options is vast, so if eBay, Walmart or your favorite online retailer can sell it to you cheaper, Capital One Shopping is only too happy to clue you in.

At checkout, Capital One Shopping searches for available coupons and promo codes, tests to make sure they work, then automatically applies them to your purchase. It even checks shipping costs and membership pricing. 

If there's something you know you want, but you aren't quite ready to make the purchase yet, Capital One Shopping will let you add it to your Watchlist and notify you if it goes down in price. You can also track the price of a given item over the course of a year, so you'll know the best time to strike. There's also a Capital One Shopping app so you can use their service on your mobile devices as well.

And even if you don't find a cheaper price somewhere else, Capital One Shopping still offers you benefits through Capital One Shopping Rewards earned on purchases from popular sites. For every dollar spent, Capital One Shopping can offer you Rewards redeemable for gift cards with dozens of retailers like Walmart or even eBay.

One click is all it takes to save

The automatic coupons and discount codes at Capital One Shopping's fingertips aren't just about saving money. They're also about saving time.

Rather than knowing a code is likely available somewhere, then spending minutes or even hours looking for one, Capital One Shopping isn't content to let you waste all that time. They already know how to snag the savings from the stores users care about, so why should you have to do all the hunting? 

With those codes served up to you instantly, users can spend more time leisurely surfing the web, reading news, watching kitten videos on YouTube, or engaging in any of the 100,000 better uses of your time than scrapping around for discount codes.

Capital One Shopping is 100% free

The ease of Capital One Shopping starts just by adding the extension to your browser. Head over to Capital One Shopping's website now and get started.

Prices are subject to change.