That time Angie Bowie almost made a Black Widow and Daredevil movie

In a recent Wikipedia wormhole binge, I came across an unexpected surprise: that Angie Bowie, former wife of David Bowie and estranged mother of writer/director Duncan Jones, had once procured the rights to Daredevil and Black Widow from Marvel in the mid-1970s, and tried to make a movie starring herself and Ben Carruthers. As Bowie explained to the Daredevil fanzine Man Without Fear:

Thank you for your interest and e-mail.
I am surprised that you ask me that question. I received permission from Stan Lee
to have the rights to Daredevil and Black Widow for a year.
We were unable to place the series.
Actor, writer, Benny Carruthers and I did the photo shoot with Terry
O'Neill and Natasha Kornilkoff costume designer and Barbara Daly – make-up
in London and that was all that ever happened. Unfortunately at that time
it was considered too difficult and expensive to film, special effects

I appreciate your asking,

kindest regards,

A few of those promo photos are still available online, but the project never got any farther than that. Which is probably for the best, because Daredevil's horns look worse than Captain America's gross rubber ears from the 90s.