Watch these people fight and spit on each other over spot in long gas pump line

North Carolina and several other states are facing a gas shortage stemming from a ransomware attack. In this video we see that some people are ready to go Mad Max to get their precious petroleum.

From WRAL TV, which has a video news piece about the fight:

[The man who recorded the video] said he was in line for gas when he saw a fight break out between a man and woman at one of the pumps.

He said he was waiting to get gas at the Marathon station around 2 p.m. when a woman in a white sedan tried to cut the long line.

When no one would let her in, Rashaad said she ran into a gray Honda at one of the pumps.

He said that, after crashing into the man's car, the woman got out and spit on the man while yelling.

The man then got out of the car and spit on the woman.