Boys attack and rob 80-year-old Asian man, then 11-year-old drives them away in stolen car

An 17-year-old and 11-year-old boy were arrested in San Leandro, California for slamming an 80-year-old Asian man to the ground and taking his wallet. They then jumped into a car they had stolen and drove away – with the 11-year-old behind the wheel.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The suspects, ages 11 and 17, pushed the victim to the ground and demanded he hand over his wallet, according to police. They forcibly removed the man's Fitbit wrist band as he screamed for help and then fled the scene in a blue Subaru sedan. The victim suffered minor injuries but did not require medical attention, police said.

The 11-year-old boy was driving a vehicle that was stolen in Oakland on Monday, police said. A few hours after the robbery of the older man, a 19-year-old woman was robbed of her purse on the 500 block of Bancroft Avenue. The suspects she described were similar to those who attacked the older man, police said.